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When installing new fence or upgrading your existing fence, you should consider wind as an important factor. Your property’s location and position affects the speed and amount of wind your fences will have to face.

When choosing a windproof fence, you should also consider factors like the material of the fence, its design, and the construction.

At Summit Fence, we have over 30 years of experience in installing custom fences for residential and commercial properties. We would like to share the following information to help you make the right choice of windproof fence.

Avoid Privacy Fences As They Catch the High Winds

Privacy fences are widely popular. They are commonly used in backyards and for a good number of reasons. Such a fence is valued for its looks and can last for long. However, it is recommended to avoid privacy fences if you are looking for a windproof fence.

Privacy fences are widely popular. They are commonly used in backyards and for a good number of reasons. Such a fence is valued for its looks and can last for long. However, it is recommended to avoid privacy fences if you are looking for a windproof fence.

  1. It is a solid fence that acts as a sail in the wind.
  2. It will easily take the full force of the wind gusts without letting them pass through.

But you can improve the ability of a wooden privacy fence to withstand high winds by strengthening their posts. Posts are the pillars that hold up the fence in place. Posts with concrete footing can provide strength and prevent rot.

Picket Fence Stands Better In High Winds

Picket fences can stand high winds better than solid privacy fences. This is because they allow wind to blow freely between the pickets. Even when you need a good amount of privacy, there are options that can allow both gaps and a certain degree of privacy.

At the same time, it is recommended to choose a harder wood that provides excellent sturdiness. For example, cedar is an excellent hardwood to stand up well to wind.

Metal Fences and High Winds

Metal fences are typically built with thick pickets and wide spaces in between. This makes them more effective in standing up to high winds. Steel or aluminum metal fence will allow wind to pass through it. Even in high winds, there will be little or no damage to such a fence. However, they cannot offer much in terms of privacy. So, metal fences work best as security and decorative fences.

Chain Link Fences Are Effective In High Winds

If privacy is not a factor for you, then chain link fences may just be right for you. They are highly effective in withstanding high winds. Even in a windstorm, the high wind gusts will blow right through the fence without causing any damage.

Modern chain links have become more versatile to be used in residential settings. Vinyl coatings allow you to customize your fence in a color of your choice. Besides, the coatings will also soften the hard lines. You may even have your chain link fence painted.

Vinyl Fence Is The Excellent Choice That Withstands High Winds

Vinyl is a popular material for privacy fences, but it is also good at standing up to high winds. Like other privacy fences, it will also take the full force of the wind. However, vinyl is different from wood in one property. It has some degree to give and it can bend and warp to a certain level without getting damaged.

There are many factors that work in the favor of vinyl in creating a windproof fence.

  1. Vinyl is typically cheaper.
  2. It is a low-maintenance fencing material and quite durable.
  3. It is resistant to pests and rot, and will not rust.

Trellis Fencing Is Also A Good Choice In High Wind Areas

When a fence allows the wind to pass through, it takes off most of the stress on the structure. This will reduce the amount of repair required for a fence that is often facing strong winds. Trellis fencing offers many benefits when used in areas with high winds.

  1. It will dissipate the stress produced by high winds.
  2. When combined with concrete posts, you can have complete protection against wind.
  3. Trellis can also be used as a topper to reduce some stress.

Wire Mesh Fencing Can Take On High Winds Like A Boss

Wire mesh is also an excellent choice for areas with high winds. This type of fence is primarily known for its security benefits. It can also stand up to wind, allowing it to pass through its mesh design. These fences stand out for their stable and rigid construction. Besides, they also offer versatility in terms of designs and styles. Wind will not have much of an effect on the fence. It will not bend or lean during gusts. If you experience a constant flow of high winds, it is recommended to choose wire mesh fencing.

So, whichever material you may prefer, there are fence design and construction options that can help you create windproof fences. It is recommended to consult the fence specialists at Summit Fence to guide you in designing a custom fence that is best suited for high wind areas. If you need more information, feel free to call us today at 770-334-6964. If you need a free estimate, you may fill this Online Form and submit it.