Types Of Privacy Fence

Learn About Privacy Fences Made of Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl

A privacy fence allows you to protect your home and family. If you value your children’s safety and security, these fences can help protect your home from prying eyes. If you have pets or other animals, privacy fences can prevent them from running off. Wood is a popular choice for these fences because of its traditional looks, elegance, and durability. Summit Fence is your one-stop-shop fence company that provides privacy fence solutions in Acworth GA, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming GA, Canton GA, Dallas GA, Hiram GA, Johns Creek GA, Kennesaw GA, Marietta GA, Milton GA, Powder Springs GA, Rowell GA, and Woodstock GA. We work with all the most popular fence materials including wood, metal, and vinyl.

In this guide, you will learn about the popular wood species for privacy fences and other material options including vinyl and metal.

Wood Privacy Fence

The most popular wood species for privacy fences and their key features are as follows:


Cedar is considered by privacy fence installers as the most popular material option for backyard privacy fences. It stands out for its long-lasting and beautiful looks. Some of its key aesthetic features are as follows:

  • Cedar has fewer knots.

  • It is cherished for its tight grain.

  • It stands out for its red hue.

Cedar privacy fences are resistant to shrinking or warping. Cedar also offers excellent resistance to decay and insects, but not as much as treated wood. We offer tall cedar fence panels that are perfect for privacy. The unique shadowbox style gives cedar fences a finished look from both inside and outside.

Teak & Redwood

Teak and redwood privacy fences are relatively expensive. However, the natural luster and softness and the exceptional beauty more than pay for the additional cost you pay to the contractor. Typically, homeowners prefer installing these privacy fences in smaller areas due to the higher prices. We commonly install them around pools and spas.

Teak and redwood privacy fences are naturally resistant to:

  • Decays

  • Insects

  • Warping

  • Shrinking

They are durable and effectively resist the elements.


Bamboo is a functional privacy screen and windbreaker material for residential and commercial settings. Among other benefits, it is a viable environment-friendly fencing option. Some of the main reasons privacy fence installers and clients choose bamboo privacy fencing include:

  • Increased Privacy: Bamboo can be fixed closely together to provide all the privacy you will need. We can install them at the heights of your choice.

  • Durability: Bamboo is naturally resilient to all types of weather conditions. You can have your fence varnished to prevent cracking. It can also be coated with a UV-resistant varnish to prevent fading.

We also use chemical and pressure-treated wood pickets and cedar-style planks for privacy fencing. Treated wood offers privacy at affordable pricing.

Chain Link Privacy Fence

Chain link fencing may not offer the privacy of other materials, but it has many functional benefits. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and helps keep children, pets, and animals inside. It can also last for years with minimal maintenance.

Some of the other types of privacy fence materials that we work with include:

PVC/ VINYL: Vinyl works as an excellent alternative to wood because of its weather-resistant properties. It is also highly durable. When taken care of, your privacy fence can last for decades. It will not need re-painting or re-staining. All it needs is simple cleaning and wiping once in a while. We offer ultra-tall fence panels and options that offer clean and beautiful styles to match your home.

METAL FENCE- ALUMINUM & STEEL: We also offer aluminum and steel privacy fences that stand out for exceptional durability. Aluminum fences are available in different styles and are suited for humid, damp, and Oceanside environments. Steel is the strongest fence material you can choose. It is recommended by privacy fence contractors for dry and inland conditions.

We can install custom privacy fences to meet your unique demands for style, lifestyle needs, and local conditions. Our team of qualified fence installers has decades of combined experience serving all kinds of clients in Acworth, GA, and the surrounding areas. If you need a quote or more information, feel free to fill this Online Form and we will get back to you with a free estimate.