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Wood Fence Installation

Wood Fencing Services With Financing Option

Wood Fence Company offering wood fencing in Acworth GA, Alpharetta GA, Atlanta, Cumming GA, Canton GA, Dallas GA, Hiram GA, Johns Creek GA, Kennesaw GA, Marietta GA, Milton GA, Powder Springs GA, Rowell GA, Woodstock GA. Our location makes it easy to travel around Atlanta and provide fence installation.

Explore different type of wood fences that we offer

Picket Fence

Many people dream of having a home surrounded by a picture-perfect white picket fence. A picket fence around your property serves both as an aesthetic draw and functional fence. Our experience as privacy fence installers of picket fences allows us to help you get the most out of your project.

  • High-Quality Materials: We use the finest quality wood so that your fence will stand for decades. Your fence will stay sturdy and strong in all kinds of conditions.

  • Increases Home Value: A durable and beautiful picket fence around your property increases your home’s value.

  • Retro & Modern Look: While picket fences are known for their classic looks, we can also use unique colors to give your fence a modern look.

You can choose the height of the fence to determine the level of privacy and security you need.

Shadowbox Fence

We design and install shadowbox fences known for their unique style of privacy. Our wood fence installers will use tall pickets to design a fence with pickets attached on alternate sides. The pickets can be 2 to 3 inches apart and there are small spaces in the fence. These fences keep your children and pets in while protecting your yard from view. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Great visual interest

  • The fence looks the same on both sides

  • Greater durability due to alternating pickets

  • Children and pets can peer through

We can customize this fence based on the wood type, staining, and color. The convex panel top is one of the most common customizations for shadowbox fences.

Ranch Rail Fence

A ranch rail fence, farm fence, or agriculture fence are made of wooden posts spaced at a distance to create an open and airy look. When you choose us as your wood fence company, we can design it to provide adequate privacy and protection. This fence may not be for closed-off privacy, it offers the following advantages:

  • Mark your property lines in a simple way

  • More cost-effective due to lesser need for material

  • Creates a more rustic appeal

  • Easy to upgrade with sturdy chicken wire

Farm Fence

Do you have a farm with acres upon acres of property? As you are looking for a wood fence company that can install a farm fence? We design and install farm fence that offers many benefits, including improved curb appeal, security, and greater privacy. We can design and build your farm fence to offer the following benefits:

  • Keeping Livestock Safe: Protect your livestock and property from predators.

  • Keep Your Animals In: We can create a durable barrier to keep your free-range animals inside.

  • Privacy & Protection: Give your family and property protection from intruders and privacy.

Wood Privacy Fence

  • Versatility: There are different types of woods to choose from. Then you can determine the paint and stain colors. We can cut wood to different widths, styles, and heights based on your style, budget, and needs.

  • Privacy: Privacy comes naturally with wooden fences due to their structure.

  • Security: We can install tall wood fence panels to provide additional protection, deterring intruders from your property.

  • Durability: Wood privacy fences offer reliable durability at more affordable prices.

Privacy Lattice Fence

Our privacy lattice fences are custom-built by our experienced fence installers. We offer versatile fences and screens that can be installed around your deck or patio. Some of the key benefits of choosing our wood fencing services for these fences include:

  • If you are a nature lover or love to spend time outdoors, our lattice privacy fences or screens are for you.

  • These fences allow the breezes to keep flowing.

  • The sunlight passing through the fence will form beautiful patterns on the floors and walls. These fences also support climbing plants such as wisteria, star jasmine, and passion fruit plant.

Board-On-Board Fence

We design and build board-on-board fencing with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets. Every alternate board is fixed to the opposite side of the fence rails to create a gap. The main benefits of having your wood fence company install these wooden fences are as follows:

  • Secure & sturdy

  • Versatility in terms of materials. Popular options include western red cedar, southern yellow pine, and other premium quality materials.

Horizontal Privacy Fence

In horizontal privacy fences, the board runs lengthwise and there is lesser bracing compared to classic wood fencing. They feature fence posts cemented into the ground, trim boards, and fence boards. These fences create a professional look and it is important to choose the right wood fence contractors for the perfect looks. The key benefits of choosing these wood fences include:

  • Greater variety in the form of board-on-board, spaced board, split rail, stockade, picket, and paddock styles.

  • Customization

  • Ease of installation

  • Ease of staining

  • Environment friendly

  • More affordable than other fences and easier to maintain.

  • Matches different types of settings

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At Summit Fence, we bring over 30 years of experience to every project, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Ready to enhance your property with a durable, beautiful fence? Contact us today to get started!

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