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Many residents tend to install their own fences, but it’s an enormously difficult landscaping project to undertake on your own. It can take up a whopping portion of the summer, up to three or four months, especially if you have a larger yard. But a professional fence company can install a fence for you in just a few hours or days. Fence installation is one of the biggest home projects that homeowners hand off to professionals, especially if they have attempted to install their own fence before.

Luckily, there are several different professional companies that can install a fence for you, but it is crucial to find the right company. Whether it is decorative fencingcommercial fencing, or home fence installation, fencing is a super competitive industry, so contractors are eager to visit your property and work on an estimate even when you are not at home. Make sure that you ask the right questions when evaluating which company to hire. It is crucial to discuss any concerns you have before the estimator leaves your property to work on a bid.
  • Pulling permits. Ask if the company will pull permits. This is the process of applying for permission from a local government agency to do the work and receive final approval after work is inspected. The cost of pulling permits is typically part of the bid.
  • Utility locator. Is the company planning on calling a utility locator to find the exact location of underground utility lines?
  • Grading. Grading refers to a sloped lot. If your lot is sloped, it is important to ask how the company will handle the slope. For example, will the fence be stepped? If so, this could leave triangular spaces under the fence, which is a huge issue if you have pets that could escape under the fence. Another option is that the fence could be contoured to run close to the ground, but this could be a more expensive option.
  • Warranty. What kind of warranty does the company provide? Do they offer a guarantee? Does the warranty cover materials or labor as well? In the best situation, the warranty will cover costs for the company to return and repair the fence with no cost to you.
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