Chain Link Fence Installation

    If you are looking for the top-rated chain link fence company, look no further than Summit Fence. We provide residential and commercial fencing to clients all over North Metro Atlanta area.

    Chain Link Fence Installation Options:

    • Black Chain Link Fence
    • Galvanized Chain Link Fence
    • Chain Link Fence Gate
    • Chain Link Gate
    • Chain Link Driveway Gates
    • Security Fence
    • Commercial Chain Link Fence

    A chain-link fence can be the right option for your home and commercial property. It is affordable, durable, and offers a lot of versatility and flexibility. Chain link fences can withstand all weather conditions, including strong winds. They require minimal maintenance and are resistant to pests. When you choose Summit Fence for chain link fence installation, you can rest assured about the material and the installation quality. Our fence installation come with 5-year warranty.

    Galvanized Chain Link Gate
    Galvanized Chain Link Gate
    Security Chain Link Fence Installation at Atlanta Airport

    Advantages Of Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fences are quite popular and among the most recognizable fencing types. They are commonly seen in sports fields, industrial settings, and homes. Some of the most important reasons why our clients prefer these fences for their properties are as follows:

    • Cost-Effective: If cost is a concern for you, a chain-link fence can be the perfect fencing option for you. This fence offers great value for money for the level of durability it offers.
    • Classic Appeal: If you love to add a fence that has a classic appeal to it and doesn’t make a bold statement, this is the material of choice for you. It is perfect for those who want optimal safety and security without having to draw unwanted attention, the chain link fence is for them.
    • Easy to Install: Many of our clients prefer chain-link fences for the ease and speed with which they can be installed. The process involves installing the posts and rails and hanging the mesh.
    • Low-Maintenance Fences: Your galvanized steel chain-link fence can withstand almost any weather condition. It will not require repairs, regular maintenance, and cleaning like most other fences.
    • Security Fence: If you need great security around your property, we recommend tall chain link fences. Many of our industrial clients prefer this fence because it prevents anyone from getting access to secure areas.

    Pros & Cons of Chain Link Fencing

    Chain-link fencing continues to be a popular fence option and has undergone many improvements over time. These advances cover the areas of quality, durability, and aesthetics. However, like any other fence, you should weigh the pros and cons of this type of fence before considering installing them.


    • If you are looking for the most affordable fencing option, this is just the right choice for you.
    • A chain-link fence will help keep your children and pets inside while preventing anyone from outside to enter your property.
    • Galvanized chain-link fences last long without much need for maintenance.
    • We also offer chain link fences with a number of aesthetic options including black, green, and other colors, covered in vinyl and California style. Our vinyl-coated chain link fences last even longer.


    • If you lay a lot of emphasis on privacy, these fences are not for you. However, we can install slats to enhance privacy.
    • Tall chain-link fencing, also known as security fence, looks better in industrial settings. 4-feet chain links look better in residential settings, but they can be easily climbed over.
    • Ordinary chain link fences, without their vinyl coating and California style, are simple in their looks.

    Cost of Chain Link Fence Installation

    Low cost is one of the most significant factors in favor of chain link fences, making them popular. An average-sized yard can be fenced for just around $2,000, making it an economical choice.

    Many factors affect the cost of chain link fence installation; measurements and choice of features will be the most critical factors. The numbers and lengths of the following elements will have an overall impact on the fence installation cost:

    • Mesh
    • Wire Ties
    • Line Posts
    • Corner Posts
    • Top Rail Sleeves
    • Tension Wires & Tension Bars

    The height and size of your chain link fence will have an impact on how much material is required and the overall cost.