Ranch-Rail Fencing

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Ranch Rail Fence

Ranch Rail Fence

3, 4 & 5-Rail Farm Fence With Welded Wire Mesh

For most people, a fence is just a fence. It is only when you start looking for a fence for a specific application that you realize how fences can be customized. If you have a large property, such as a farm, and need to define its lines, ranch rail fencing can be the perfect wood farm fence. These fences are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Besides helping you mark your property's boundaries, they also provide excellent aesthetic appeal.

So, what is ranch rail fencing, their applications, and what are some popular ranch rail fences? We want to share ideas about a ranch rail fence at Summit Fence.


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Ranch rail fences are low-profile fences that feature 3, 4, or 5 rows of horizontal fence posts. Vertical beams are used to support the posts every few feet. They are available in wood and vinyl options, with the vinyl variants being costlier but longer-lasting. Wood farm fence ideas will require greater maintenance. These fences are not the best for providing privacy or security.

Applications of Ranch Rail Fence

Ranch rail fences are suited for the following purposes:

  • Defining a property with a long line.
  • Giving a rustic charm to your property to improve curb appeal.
  • Containing your livestock.
  • Separating large pieces of land.
  • Creating a place for posting signs or decorations around your property.
  • Defining an area of your property, such as a petting zoo or garden.

We are a farm fence company that designs and install these simple but beautiful fences for parks, farms, homes, businesses, or large acreage lots. These are durable, affordable, and attractive. While it is an uncommon application, this type of fence can also be used on small land plots to enhance the looks of the front yard. Wrought iron and picket fencing are more common options for such smaller properties.