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Summit Fence Company can install a fence for you in a fraction of the time, depending on the size of the project and yard. For homeowners that have attempted to install their own fence before, they will likely want to hand off this project to professionals.

Fencing is a super competitive industry, from decorative fencing, to commercial fencing, to home fence installation. Contractors are eager to visit your property and work on an estimate even when you are not at home. But it is important that you ask the right questions when evaluating which company to hire. Consider the following things when looking for a fencing company:
  • When is payment required? It is important to understand the payment process upfront. For example, when is payment required, and does the company require a deposit? Policies differ from company to company. While some companies negotiate a payment schedule, some companies may require an upfront deposit of 10% or 20%. Make sure that you understand the payment terms clearly before the work begins and that you are satisfied with the quality of the installation before making the final payment.
  • Do you provide references? Ask if the company can provide some solid reference from happy and satisfied customers. Most good fencing companies can provide excellent references as part of their portfolio. Ask for pictures of previous installations and contact information or testimonials for former clients, so that you can make sure that this company is good at what they do. Follow up by reading reviews and ratings online.
  • Do you use subcontractors? Some companies hire subcontractors to complete the whole job or parts of their job for them. However, using full-time employees gives the company and the homeowner more control over the installation process and ensures that it is as safe, timely, and well done as possible. Make sure to ask this question, so that you can choose a company that uses their own employees.
If you are looking for a fencing company or fencing services in Milton, GA., look no further than Summit Fence.
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